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Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Release: Little Lily's Big Adventure

Dear Moms, Teachers and Friends,

Just letting you know that my newest children story book series is out!

This series, titled Little Lily’s Big Adventure, tells the unusual adventures of a little girl in many unusual places. The stories are created to induce creative imaginations in the young readers' minds. Stories are beautifully illustrated and texts are kept simple to ensure easy understanding. Instruction for Pretend Play is provided at the back of each story. Introduce Little Lily to your young readers to nurture the love of reading as early as possible.

Titles in this series:
1 Little Lily at Cloudland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Awan)
2 Little Lily at Candyland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Permen)
these first 2 titles are already out.

3 Little Lily at Fairyland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Peri)
4 Little Lily at Mermaidland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Putri Duyung)
5 Little Lily at Bikeland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Sepeda)
6 Little Lily at Flowerland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Bunga)
7 Little Lily at Toyland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Mainan)
8 Little Lily at Bookland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Buku)
9 Little Lily at Clockland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Jam)
10 Little Lily at Alienland (Lily Kecil di Negeri Mahluk Asing)
The rest are coming soon.

Publisher : Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Price :
Language : Bilingual (English- Indonesia)

To look at the covers and sample pages, use the following link:

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Happy reading!


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